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HD_STC-32 - Westview Overlook on Sugarloaf Mountain which borders Montgomery and Frederick Counties in Maryland. View looks west towards Harper's Ferry and the Potomac Valley.HD_STC-33 - Blackwater Falls from the upper Observation DeckHD_STC-34 - Small Stream next to Dark Hollow Falls Trail in Shenendoah National Park in VirginiaHD_STC-35 - Sunrise at Taylor's Bridge, Delaware with Marsh Hawk. March 1986 (actual date shot unknown.)HD_STC-36 - Herons and other shorebirds on the beach at Sandy Point State Park just after sunrise. Chesapeake Bay Bridge can be seen in the background.HD_STC-37 - Three geese walking across path, Lake Churchill, Germantown, Maryland.HD_STC-38 - Tawny Frogmouth  Size: 34-48cm Habitat: Distributed Australia wide, this Frogmouth inhabits woodlands. Feeds nocturnally on beetles, grasshoppers, snails and small mammals. Notes: Grey bird, large yellow eyes, camouflaged to look like a tree branch. Breeds Spring.HD_STC-39 - Cardinal, Little Seneca Lake, Germantown, Maryland.HD_STC-40 - Two female House Finches getting ready to enter Blue Spruce in backyard to get to their nests.HD_STC-41 - Bird sitting on the fence, Germantown, MarylandHD_STC-42 - Black bird in Cherry Tree near Tidal BasinHD_STC-43 - Bald Eagle taking off from tree top near Conowingo Dam, Maryland.HD_STC-44 - Bald Eagle snags a fish just below Conawingo Dam in Maryland.HD_STC-45 - Closeup of an Barn Owl at the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum near Tucson, Arizona.HD_STC-46 - Peregrine falcon with handler in Scottsdale AZ.HD_STC-47 - Two hummingbirds visiting feeder at North Mountain Inn B&B near Cabins, West Virginia.HD_STC-48 - Vervain Hummingbird at the Arizona Sonora Desert MuseumHD_STC-49 - Heron sitting in lake at sunrise at the Villages, Florida.HD_STC-50 - Doris Longwing Butterfly at Butterfly Wonderland in Scottsdale, ArizonaHD_STC-51 - Grasshopper resting on plant near Little Seneca Lake in Germantown, MarylandHD_STC-52 - Dragonfly sitting on leaf near Little Seneca Lake, Germantown, Maryland.HD_STC-53 - Small spider hanging from the bottom of a Dandilon at the side of the towpath of the C&O Canal near Brunswick, Maryland.HD_STC-54 - Fall follage displayed on trees next to Little Seneca Lake in Germantown, Maryland.HD_STC-55 - Flowers and old lantern against picket fence on grounds of B&B near Warrensburg, NYHD_STC-56 - Close-up of Dandelion flower seeds.HD_STC-57 - Spring Flowers, Little Seneca Lake, Germantown, MarylandHD_STC-58 - Cherry Tree in bloom between Tidal Basin and FDR Memorial, Morning.HD_STC-59 - Cherry Blossoms against a dark backgroundHD_STC-60 - Cherry blossoms in peak bloom at the Tidal Basin

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